Sunday, June 24, 2007

Welcome to the world of art outside of art.

This is the impulse of the margin.

But what, you might be asking, is marginalized art exactly?

Well, there are two basic fields of thought on this. First, are the margins of art, full of invocative artists that challenge the frontier between what high art appropriates and what it rejects. Then, there is the art of the margins. These are the artists who represent and portray the peripheries of society, be it the poor, the insane or the intentionally anonymous.

Through a cohesive study of these two definitions, I aim to give a glimpse into the very heart of Rio subculture and those who inhabit it. This project looks at everything from graffiti to sand castles to some of Rio's most experimental galleries. From that which you see everyday to that which flexes the mind. Utilizing various art and social movements as a framework, this study will reveal the unseen, unrecognized and unapologetic art of Rio de Janeiro and its place in carioca society.

So come, meet the artists, hear their stories and, if nothing else, enjoy the view.

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